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If you have contributed to OpenJUMP, please add your name to the list, and mention your contribution:

Current Contributors

  • Martin Davis (CAN). Design and programming of JUMP and JTS
  • Jonathan Aquino (CAN). Design and programming of JUMP
  • Sunburned Surveyor (USA). Project lead for the JUMP Pilot Project
  • Stefan Steiniger (GER, CH, CAN). Project lead + all hands person: programming, bug fixing, documentation
  • Uwe Dallüge (GER). Programming of PostGIS PlugIn, documentation
  • Larry Becker and Robert Littlefield from ISA Inc. (USA). several editing tools, Jython plugin and ArcSDE plugin
  • Michael Michaud (FRA). Project Lead, programming of Simple Query Tool and several PlugIns (e.g. dxf reader and writer)
  • Erwan Bocher (FRA). numerous PlugIns and basic functionality
  • Pedro Doria Meunier (Madeira). bug fixing
  • Edgar Soldin (GER). Programming of several PlugIns
  • Giuseppe Aruta "Peppe" (ITA). Programming, plugins and help documentation. Italian & Spanish translation.
  • Paolo Rizzi (ITA). SIS database plugin
  • Geoffrey G. Roy (AUS). several plugins / survey
  • Jan O. Wagner and Stephan Holl (Intevation GER). collaboration in plugin development and Nightly Snapshot building
  • Jukka Rahkonen (FIN). translation and user help
  • Nacho Uve (ESP). translation
  • Andreas Schmitz (GER). scripts and WFS improvements
  • Cristiano das Neves Almeida (BRA). translation
  • Eric Jarvies (MEX). help documentation for MacOSX OpenJUMP
  • Dante Fuster (Peru). PlugIn DXF for Read and Write
  • Hisaji Ono (JPN). translation, code contribution
  • Bing Ran (China). code contributions
  • Matthias Scholz (GER) Programming, bug fixing
  • Alberto de Luca (ITA). Programming on Sextante Raster Image
  • (Please add your name and contribution!)

Former Contributors

  • Steve Tanner (CH). Former Project leader for the OpenJUMP project
  • David Zwiers (CAN). Extension of JUMP and answering user questions
  • Ezequias Rodrigues da Rocha (BRA). Beta tester, video documentator
  • Ugo Taddei (GER). WFS plugin and bug fixing
  • Ole Rahn (GER). from Projekt Pirol: Programming of several PlugIns, among them the image PlugIn and attrcibute calculator
  • Jan Ruzicka (CZ). first image PlugIn
  • Fco Lavin (Chile). bug fixing
  • Joe Desbonnet (IRE). bug fixing
  • Paul Austin (CAN). development
  • Jaakko Ruutiainen (FIN). bug fix PostGIS adapter, authentication for WMS client
  • Eric Lemesre (FRA). Improvements for PostGIS plugin
  • Sascha L. Teichmann (GER). development
  • Paul Austin (CAN). development

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