How to translate OpenJUMP into another language

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A - The steps on how to translate OpenJUMP

This in an example for translation into Brazilian Portugese. People interests in creating a new language file my read part B (below) as well

  • 1) download the last nightly built from
  • 2) unpack it
  • 3) if you work on Windows:
    • set in the file YOUR_openjump_folder\bin\openjump.bat the i18n option to portugese language in the "start javaw" line:
    • eg. start javaw -Dlog4j.configuration=file:./log4j.xml -Xms256M -Xmx256M -cp %CLASSPATH% com.vividsolutions.jump.workbench.JUMPWorkbench -properties workbench-properties.xml -i18n pt_BR -plug-in-directory %LIB%/ext
    • otherwise modify the appropriate .sh file
  • 4) go to the file: YOUR_openjump_folder\lib\jump-workbench-2007XXXX-XXXX.jar (where xxx are nightly built specific number)
  • 5) for safety reasons make a copy of the file to some other place
  • 6) rename the .jar file to .zip
  • 7) unpack it somewhere
  • 8) look in the unpacked files for folder called "language" and a file called ""
  • 9) open the file with your favorite editor and translate the strings:
    • you will see that on left side is an identifier string while on the side of the "=" equal sign is the translated text
    • a hint: new strings have a date line just before like [sstein 7 march 2007]
  • 10) after you have translated, safe the file

note: the following steps are useful if you want to check your translation in OpenJUMP;

  • 11) pack all the stuff of the previously extracted zip file to a new .zip which has the same name as the old
  • 12) rename the just packed file .zip to .jar
  • 13) copy it in the same location as the old .jar (means the \lib\ folder)
  • 14) start openjump with the openjump.bat file and check your translation

if you dont want to test:

  • 15) if you finished your translation send me the file (sstein@geo....) and i will add it to our sourcecode repository.

After adding it, the nightly built of the next day should include your Portugese translation. I hope that is detailed enough :o) If questions appear please don't hesitate to contact me (Stefan/sstein)

B - On new translations

  • please simply make a copy of the file file and rename the copy to your language abbreviation (e.g. the swedish one should be like:
  • translate everything
  • put it as additional file in the zip as describe above

C - Useful tools