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If you use OpenJUMP in your research and publish your results, or if you write any other document reporting on the use of \OpenJUMP we would ask you to refer to our project the following way:

      title        = {OpenJUMP GIS - the free, java-based open source GIS},
      author       = {The JUMP Pilot Project},
      year         = 2008,
      url          = {}


  • The JUMP Pilot Project (2008): OpenJUMP GIS - the free, java-based open source GIS. Available from (accessed January 2009)

Other options to cite OpenJUMP are the following documents:

  • Steiniger, S. and E. Bocher (2009): An overview on current free and open source desktop GIS developments. International Journal of Geographical Information Sciences 29(10):1345-1370.
  • ... documentation to come...