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This page is about the ECW support via ECW SDK currently for 32 bit java on Windows, Linux only. If your platform/jre is not supported by that you might want to try ECW GDAL support provided by Referenced Image reader.

ECW File format

ECW is a proprietary wavelet compression image format optimized for aerial and satellite imagery. See complete article about ECW in wikipedia.

ECW Read Support

An enhanced ECW support based on ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK version 3.3 is available since OpenJUMP 1.4.3. It makes use of native libraries that were originally compiled by the gvsig GIS software team and shipped with their distribution. Thanks!!! One advantage of the new SDK is that it gives also access to JPEG2000 format. It is included by default into the PLUS edition of OpenJUMP. You can however add them manually to OpenJUMP CORE if you want to.


As binary library code is used the support is platform specific. Currently tested and supported are

  • Windows (XP,Vista,7 [32bit/64bit])
  • Linux, MacOSX [32bit/64bit]
  • running a (32bit/x86) Java Runtime Environment

Hint: make sure again that OJ is run with a 32bit java or in 32bit mode if it complains that the ECW libraries cannot be loaded.

Hint: because ecw reader uses native libraries, it will not find images if their path contains space or special characters.


Download it here


Follow the instruction of the included readme.txt file.

Source Code

Find the sources on sourceforge svn repository

Read readme.txt located there for explanations.

Interesting links about ECW

WCS issues from deegree website (2007)

Use of ecw in gdal

Licensing discussion

See OpenJUMP_Licensing