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At the moment we have some tools for doing measure:

Ideas and destinations

  • The three tools should consolidated to one tool. So we can integrate the MeasureExtension in the OJ core and extend the drop down menu of the AdvancedMeasureTool dropdownbutton. If the user should see all measure modes at once or only in an "expert mode", we can discuss. For "normal" users an distance, area and arc mode should enough. I don't know if to many options confuses most of the users. But we should provide all the nice other measure modes for powerusers.
  • All measure results should be editable after the measure is done. This includes a recalculation of the results.
  • Nice styling GUI for the measure.
  • Save and load a measure layer with his special style. Espacially loading of a previously saved measure with measure style would be nice to have.
  • At the moment all tools lacks on information about the unit of the layers. This is bad for layers from GPS (WGS84). Here deliver the tools wrong results. From my point of view it's urgently needed to change this. As a consequence we need to introduce coordinate systems information for every layer in OJ. From here we get the information we need for calculation the right measure results.

-- Jammerhund 10:15, 23 January 2012 (UTC)

Upgrade October 2015

  • Measure Extension external plugin ver.11: Add ability to use SI and non SI units and the possibility to convert between them (eg. meter to foot). Add also the capability to measure in Geographic coordinates (WGS84)

-- Giuseppe Aruta (Peppe)