Why we can not join the OSGeo

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The OpenJUMP developer and user community decided somewhen in 2008 to make an effort and to join the OSGeo (email list voting). However, nothing really happend since, except that I (Stefan) filled the application forms last summer (2008), but never sent those in.

So, why do I think we can not join the OSGeo?

probably because we...

  • should have a road map
  • need a release plan
  • need a project management team (i.e. have to fill dedicated positions)
  • need to establish strict project management rules
  • need to establish rules for contributions (legal aspects)
  • need to review our code for not containing any proprietary code (which is quite a bit of a codebase now)
  • etc.

...but we can't do this because we are all volunteers that have jobs not in the software industry.
That is, we have no time and rather concentrate on spending the time we have with improving OpenJUMP and its documentation.

We hope, you all (our users) can understand this. Please write me if you have any comments.