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Latest Stable

OpenJUMP 2.2.1 download area
Note: Read explanatory text on the bottom when in doubt which file to download.

Development Snapshots

Git Commit Log
Snapshot builds (CORE and PLUS)
Git development snapshot builds

Archived Releases

past OpenJUMP releases

Plugin Documentation

Plugins for OpenJUMP

Source Code

Latest release OJ 2.x

From version 2, OJ source code is on github. There are many ways to get the source code :

download source code as a zip file

Under the green button <>Code, choose the "Download ZIP" option

clone the code on your computer with git

using the web URL.

git clone

or using a ssh key (

git clone

create a fork on your own github repo

Just "fork" the project with the fork button on upper right corner of the project page

OJ 1.16 and earlier

example svn checkout ()

svn co svn:// openjump-core-1.16



either source-zip file from Download section (OpenJUMP-<version>-r<revision>
you will need libraries and files from the repository tag's lib folder
use maven to build your project, pom.xml contains all dependencies and is also used for our automated builds
let the svn bundle src and needed libs tarballs for you (currently broken on
Note: seems to bundle the whole repository nowadays, regardless which path is defined
⇒ src -
⇒ libs -

Current development (trunk)

example svn checkout

svn co svn:// openjump-core


Install Instructions

Installation Page

Plugins for OpenJUMP