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Below you will find a non-complete listing of available plugins for OpenJUMP. To add a plugin to OpenJUMP, simply put the extensions file(s) into the OpenJUMP lib/ext directory. Probably they come in an archive you will have to unzip. See also the Installing Plugins page. Plugins marked with a quote (*) are integrated into OpenJUMP PLUS

Installing Plugins

Installing Plugins

Popular Plugins

Popular Plugins

Websites with several plugins

Following references and links are outdated :

Plugins for OpenJUMP

Editing Plugins (*)

  • New ISA 2.5 tools for OpenJUMP deriving from SkyJUMP. Download [1] and place it in your \OpenJUMP /lib/ext folder. Download also a modified workbench-properties.xml and place it in your OpenJUMP /bin folder to enables the individual tools on OJ menus.
    • KML datasource
    • Text Block Annotation and Interactive Buffer, on Editing toolbox
    • Auto Assign Attribute , Clip To Fence , Orthogonalize on Tools menu.

  • CAD Extension for OpenJUMP, [2] . A large set of tools for drawing, modifying features and to calculate lenghts, areas and angles. It is designed to work with DXF PlugIn on inport/export CAD files
  • Measurement tools, [3] . A set of measurement tools to compute coordinates, lenght, area, anglee and azimuth
  • Set Attributes extension : A tool to open toolboxes containing customized buttons to set one or more attributes values to selected features.

The extension is included in PLUS version of OpenJUMP, but you can also download it at [4]

(*) Those tools have been mostly included in OpenJUMP PLUS edition)

Raster Image Plugins

Since version 1.6 OpenJUMP provides a raster support to display a large number of image formats (see Working with Raster page). Since version 1.4 an improved image plugin from Project PIROL: download here has been integrated into OpenJUMP,currently supports GeoTIFF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF, FLT float and ASC ascii grid.

There are other raster plugins. Some of them require Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) libray. JAI for different platforms can be found here

  • another fine image plugin, based on GDAL, is the TANATO plugin from SIGLE: download here - which support apart from several image formats (ECW, TIF, JPG as Raster Catalog Data) the generation of TIN and TIN-Flow calculations (note: the page is in french!)

Print Plugins

  • Basic Print PlugIn supporting also multiple sheets by Geoff ( It should work also with JUMP - It requires iText library to work (*)

(*) (included in OpenJUMP PLUS edition)

Database Plugins

  • DB Query allows OpenJUMP users to give arbitrary database queries to retrieve and display geographic feature sets (see documentation) from PostGIS, MySQL, SpatialLite and Oracle databases. See also the tutorial "OpenJUMP with SpatialLite".
  • PostGIS database connector (download) : see also Installing Plugins
  • PostGIS plugin (download) by Erwan Brocher. See also Erwan's wiki page for the description
  • iSQLViewer: SQL front end by Erwan Brocher(download).
  • ArcSDE database reader (as separate download but also contained in ISA 2.0 tools package - see below)
  • Oracle database reader (download)
  • SpatiaLite database reader (download)
  • pgRouting network analysis with pgRouting and PostgreSQL(download)
  • MonetDB datastore plugin allows spatial data to be retrieved from MonetDB (download & information)

Note, an introduction on how to use OpenJUMP with PostGIS can be found in OpenJUMP 1.3 tutorial presented at OGRS 2009 (see the Downloadable Tutorials and Guides section of the wiki or our download area on SourceForge). Also the book "PostGIS in Action" contains a chapter on that.

Other Dataformats

  • DXF Driver Read/Write dxf files into/from OpenJUMP.
  1. (*) from Michael Michaud - download
  2. Another dxf plugin from Dante and Rammi:
  • CSV Driver(*) - Read/Write files in the csv format, or other character delimited values format (part of OpenJUMP PLUS, separate plugin download).
  • OpenStreetMap osm file Driver(*) - Reads OpenStreetMap xml files saved as *.osm: plugin download. Note, completeness of conversion from OSM primitive to OpenJUMP features is not guaranteed. Please check the log (Window>Log). Also, *.osm files contain data in geographic coordinates (in WGS84: EPSG:4326), so you may need to utilize the CTS extension to convert that data into your local cartographic projection. For loading a file, OpenJUMP should have assigned twice the memory of the file size, e.g. for 700MB *.osm file 1.6GB RAM assigned to OJ are recommended.

(*) (included in OpenJUMP PLUS edition)

Internet Datasources and Web-Processing

Spatial Analysis and Editing PlugIns

Map Generalization Toolbox V1.0
Sextante (included in PLUS edition)
a set of free geospatial analysis tools developed by the Junta de Extremadura (ES). See also OpenJUMP and Sextante page
Clean and explode with ArcGis generated contour lines
see authors homepage:
Landscape Ecology
An extension to extract edges, core area, patches, corridors, branches and shortcut areas as described in (Vogt et al. 2007- Ecol. Ind.) but with buffer operations. It also provides several polygon metrics. - download
Quality Assurance Plugin
from the original JUMP project to work with OpenJUMP: download
Road Matcher Plugin
from the original JUMP project to work with OpenJUMP - download Access to the source code: here - and on our project SVN. We thank Steve Singer for making the necessary adoptions - this way Road Matcher could be used in an OpenStreetMap Conflation project
Graph Toolbox Plugin
from Michaël Michaud - jar file and packaged source code are available at download, and a short documentation (available in english and in french) can be downloaded: engl. doc, general
Skeletonizer Plugin
from the original JUMP project - creates skeletons of polygon objects. Download it from here
GeOxygene Plugin
for the GeOygene analysis & computation platform. Download from here
Home Range Analysis Toolbox (HoRAE)
for animal movement analysis based on GPS collar data. Download from here
morphological analysis of vector data. Download from [5]
Multi Depot Vehicle Routing (portuguese only) [6]
Matching PlugIn
from Michaël Michaud - jar file and packaged source code are available at download, and a documentation can be downloaded from the same repository (in english or in french).
Space Syntax Analysis (SSA) Plugin
from Burak Beyhan - BeanShell, Jython and jar file versions of SSA Plugin together with some documentation (including a simple installation and user's guide in English or in Turkish) and source codes can be downloaded from here.
Concave Hull Plugin
from Eric Grosso - presentation, source code and binaries are available here
Maximum Inscribed Circle
a plugin to delimit Maximum Inscribed Circle (MIC) that can be placed within a polygon. GitHup page

Raster Analysis

Sextante toolbox is included in OpenJUMP PLUS edition.
OpenKlem is an extension of OpenJUMP for hydrological analysis, it includes also a module for simulating flood hydrograph (Kinematik Local Excess Model, KLEM).The plugin is included into OpenJUMP Plus edition.

Coordinate Reference Systems / Coordinate Transformation

CTS extension
allows the user to assign a coordinate reference system (CRS) to vector layers and reproject. Please look at CTS Extension - Working with Projections for installation and instructions.

Security for Geodata

  • Watermarking Plugin for Jump and Openjump by Julien Lafaye - please visit his webpage to download the WaterGoatOpenJumpPlugin. It is distributed under the LGPL license.

Programming and Scripting Support

  • Beanshell Editor is a text editor using a very old version of jEdit for syntax color. You can use it to write, launch, and save your own beanshell scripts. You can download it here
  • Groovy: we also have people that started to develop with Groovy and OpenJUMP. For more info check this page OpenJUMP and Groovy

GPS Plugins

Live GPS extension
new version available at The Jump Pilot Project download page
Coordinate transformation extension is needed also if OpenJUMP task is using some other projection than the GPS output.
Instructions for using GPS extension available at GPS Plugin page
GPX import plugin
nmeaRaw.jar Plugin
for Openjump that reads GPS logs (GGA and RMC) : see download page of the PIROL Project
NMEA converter script
script to convert the NMEA data into a Jump compatible GML file available by Joe Desbonet : see emails on Jump-User mail list from 21.01.2006 with subject: GPS


Charts / Plots

OJ with pie charts.png

  • A plugin that provides attribute classification tools and charts (scatter plot, bar plot, histogram), now part of OJ Core

Plugins for JUMP

These plugins are already (partly) integrated in OpenJUMP.

Plugins for Kosmo

From Geoarbores project. These plugins derive from OpenJUMP and are adapted to work with Kosmo SAIG [7]. Sourcecodes are packed with plugins

Beanshell Console
This plugin is adapted from original Beanshell console of Jump 1.0 from Vivid Solutions. Download Beanshell Console PlugIn
Export View to High Resolution Image
This plugin is adapted from OpenJUMP one and allows to increase (in pixel) resolution of a view. Images are exported as non georeferenced images. Download Export View to HR Image PlugIn

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