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OpenJUMP (OJ) and the used software components distributed are licensed as follows. For more recent informations about licensing read the readme.txt file of the OJ distribution you are using.

OpenJUMP Core & Plugins/Extensions

OpenJUMP is distributed under the GPL2 license. A description of this license can be found in the "gpl2_license.txt" file in the "licenses" folder or on .

Used libraries

Regarding the multitude of libraries that are included in the OpenJUMP distributions (currently CORE and PLUS) please refer to the chapter LICENSING in

as the most current source for information on this topic.

ErMapper ECW/JP2 SDK libraries

Proprietary ECW libraries (as distributed in the PLUS edition) are a quite confusing issue and therefore deserve a special mention here.

Until version 3.3 the ErMapper SDK used to have a triple licensing policy described here.

Later versions restricted the license so much that a use and distribution in open source software is either not possible or bound to very strict conditions. Erdas website now invite SDK user to acquire a license through the following form.

OpenJUMP uses libraries based on the version 3.3 of the ErMapper ECW JPEG 2000 SDK. The binaries and sources were actually taken form the gvSIG project. As GPL2'd software it uses these under the "ECW JPEG 2000 SDK PUBLIC USE LICENSE AGREEMENT"

Use of the ECW JPEG 2000 SDK with Unlimited Decompressing and Unlimited Compression for applications licensed under a GNU General Public style license ("GPL") is governed by the "ECW JPEG 2000 SDK PUBLIC USE LICENSE AGREEMENT"

Be aware: It contains noteworthy restrictions. You are not allowed to sell or lend the drivers or an OJ distribution if it contains these libraries. You can of course always strip the release from these library files (check readme.txt) to gain the full freedom of free software again.

Free of charge
This license applies to any use of the Software Product solely intended to develop or be distributed with products that are licensed under a license similar to a General Public License ("GPL") and at no charge to the public. This license covers modification and distribution of the Software, use of third-party application programs based on the Software, and development of free software that uses the Software.
1.d.ii) You must explicitly license all recipients of your items to use and re-distribute original and modified versions of the items in both machine-executable and source code forms. The recipients must be able to do so without any charges whatsoever, and they must be able to re-distribute to anyone they choose.
No renting
4.a) Rental. You may not rent, lease or lend the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

Find the full license text here.

The OJ developers had some extensive discussions about the ECW licensing which can be read here :

Other resources about ecw licensing issue are :

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