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OpenJUMP WFSPlugin is WFS v. 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 client. It supports filtering features from the remote WFS server by attributes and spatial operations based on a geometry that is selected in JUMP map window. Logical operators =, <, >, <=, >=, <>, LIKE and NOT LIKE are supported for attribute filtering. Supported spatial operators are Intersects, Within, Dwithin, Contains, Touches, Crosses, Overlaps, Equals and Disjoint. In addition, extents of the JUMP map window can be captured and used as bounding box in WFS request.

WFS server response for getCapabilities and describeFeatureType requests can be directed into text window and stored on disk if desired. In a similar way the http POST getFeature request that WFSPlugin creates can be checked and manually edited in a text window before it is sent to the WFS server. If these debugging options are not adequate the WFS plugin can also be used as a standalone Java application. In this mode the GML returned by WFS server is not parsed but it is just captured and showed in text window or stored on disk.

Plugin was developed and tested against GeoServer 1.5.0 (supporting only WFS 1.0.0) and it works pretty well with all demonstration feature types shipped with GeoServer installation package.

Known issues:

  • The parser still fails with some feature types especially if they have attributes of type DOUBLE or DATE/TIME.
  • Plugin was tested briefly with MapServer 4.8 WFS server. Basically the plugin worked with MapServer, but there were some problems for example in building the list of available attributes."