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OpenJUMP can print projects using external plugins.

CadPlan Print Plugin

Cadplans plugin allows to print a project view in single or multiple sheets. I adds also the possibility to export the print view to raster image and PDF.

To install this plugin the user needs the following files:

put those files in OpenJUMPs LIB/EXT folder

Note: SkyJUMP and JUMP 1.2 users need to download the Batik libraries (Binary dinstibution for JRE 1.4 or JRE 1.3) and put those in LIB/EXT folder too.

OpenJUMP 1.2 doesn't require Batik libraries since they are already embedded in the software

From OpenJUMP 1.5, Batik is included in PLUS edition and removed from CORE edition.

Intevation Print Plugin

This plugin provides basic printing functions. Download the file and unzip it in LIB/EXT folder.

Wiki page

see Printing in high-resolution by Ezequias Rodrigues da Rocha.

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