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Openjump is launched using launchers (OpenJUMP.exe for Windows and for Mac) or scripts (oj_windows.bat, for Windows, and, for Linux and for MacOSX). Launchers and Scripts are in Openjump/BIN folder.


  • Open OpenJUMP/bin folder
  • make Linux shell scrip executable via console or using Property file menu (see Ubuntu or Xandros)

How to make executable via console:

  • Open a console and write:
chmod +x

(command +x makes the script file executable) and run

  • Run Openjump by consolle with command:

or double clicking on it


  • Open OpenJUMP/bin folder
  • Click on file, visualized by the orange Kangaroo and a blu OJ

Run mac.png

It is possible to run OpenJUMP via terminal:

  • Move OPENJUMP folder to the folder Applications
  • Open a Console
  • Write
cd Applications/OPENJUMP/bin

and run.

  • On console write

and run


  • Open folder OpenJUMP/bin
  • Run OpenJUMP by clicking on OpenJUMP.exe or use Windows script oj_windows.bat