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CADPLAN developed some useful plugins which allows to customize advanced symbology for vertex and polygon fill.

Vertex Symbols plugin (ver 0.17)

  • It adds the capability to insert a wide range of symbols for vertices and points, lines and polygons.
  • Symbols can be Vector based (WKT or SVG) or Image based (GIF, TIF and JPG).
  • Users can add their own image.
  • Vertices can have labels attached, derived from a chosen attribute in the selected layer (also feature ID and vertex coordinates can be displayed).
  • Option to scale symbology wwith zoom
  • For STRING type attributes, labels can be HTML formatted text.
  • Vertex labels can have their own font, style, position and offset from vertex symbol.
  • Layers have defaults symbols, and features in layers can have their own symbols.

A large set of geological symbols deriving from CARG Italian geological mapping project can be find at Geoarbores:

JumpFillPattern Plugin (ver. 0.2)

  • It allows user to add their own fill patterns to and OpenJUMP project.
  • Patterns can be vector-based (using a WKT specification) or image-based using GIF, JPG, PNG or SVG images.

(other usefull plugins can be found on CADPLANs OpenJUMP Extensions page)