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Configure Start up options

(Only for expert Users!!)

Before doing any modification save a copy of the startup script file. In the OpenJUMP startup scripts it is possible to modify some option. Expert users can do this. OpenJUMP standard setup works fine with no modifications of the options.

Several startup options are available, either for the Java Virtual Machine, or for the OpenJUMP core. To change them, edit the startup script accordingly, editing the line beginning by "start javaw".

Java VM options

(a complete list can be found in the Java VM documentation)

  • Xms defines the allocated memory for the virtual machine at startup. Example:

will allocate 256M of memory for OpenJUMP

  • Xmx defines the maximum allocated memory for the virtual machine. Example:
  • Dproperty=value sets a system property. For the moment, these properties are used:
    • Dswing.defaultlaf for defining the OpenJUMP Look and Feel. Several possibilities:
      for the Metal L&F, and
      for the Windows L&F
    • Dlog4j.configuration for defining the configuration file for Log4j. Normally:

OpenJUMP command line options

  • properties filename : specifies the name of the file where OpenJUMP properties are stored. Default is
-properties workbench-properties.xml
  • plug-in-directory path: defines the location of the plugin directory. Default is
-plug-in-directory %LIB%/ext 
where %LIB% is defined earlier in the startup script.
  • i18n locale: defines the locale (language, etc.) used by OpenJUMP. For example:
    • For starting OpenJUMP in French: use
      -i18n fr
    • Other languages available: de (german), es (spanish), pt_BR (brazilian portuguese), Fi (Finnic)
    • Default is english if the specified language is not implemented. See page Languages for Language setup.
  • default plugins file : specifies which analysis and edit functions are loaded in the Tools menu
-default-plugins c:\dev\eclwork\openjump_svn\scripts\default-plugins.xml
  • default project : open a project when openjump is started the first time
-project c:\path\to\projec\

See also OpenJUMP Configuration

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