How to have a reference table from your favorite font symbols

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For Windows Users

  1. download any version of ontcreator of High Logic. It is not freeware nor Opensource but it gives 30 times working which is enough to print all the reference table
  2. Install it
  3. start Fontcreator. On "File" menu go to "installed font..." or "Font file.." (the latter if font is not installed)
  4. on the new window "Open Installed font" choose the font you want to open (ex "ESRI geology.TTF")
  5. A new table of font is displayed. This window is a reference table of the ESRI font. You will see for each symbol the referred font
  6. click on the keyboard the "STAMP" cursor to copy the screen image. Open a raster software (the GIMP or Photoshop) and click CTRL+V to paste the image to a new document.
  7. print it. You have the reference table of your selected font.

For Linux Users

on you may find an useful opensource font software for Linux. I have never tested it but it probabily may be used to print reference tables from fonts :-)