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The tool Map Tooltip can be used to display hyperlinks on features. Hyperlinks are generally photos or text that can be displayed when the cursor hangs on the relative features.

  1. Create a new attribute field (string) and call it, for instance FOLDER
  2. In this FOLDER field, for each feature, write the drive address or the HTML address of the files.
This is the basic syntax:
  • To limit the size of images, you can include the height and width limits:
<img width=276 height=110 src="http:/XXX/YY.gif">


You can use your HTML browser to open the files and copy the address (CTRL + C). Then paste the address (CTRL+V) between the double quotes.

By the time that the cursor hangs over the relative feature, if Map Tooltip is enable, a window opens with the relative photo or text. A correct size for photo or text will not be more than 600x350 in dimension

You can use as Hyperlink documents Raster image files (JPG, PNG, TIF, etc) and HTML documents

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