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Essentially java runtime is needed. Run the osx update program and install java if you have not already.

Openjump 1.4

NOTE The new launcher can be attached to the dock.

without console output

  • Open OpenJUMP/bin folder in finder.
  • Doubleclick on the green/orange OJ icon of the OpenJUMP mac starter (

with console output

  • Open OpenJUMP/bin folder in finder.
  • Doubleclick oj_macosx.command script launcher.

Openjump 1.2/1.3

How it should work:

  • open a terminal window
  • move to the "bin" folder (using "ls" and "cd" commands in the terminal)
  • if you arrived in the bin folder, openjump can be started by typing: "sh" and pressing enter

but eventually...

Nicholas wrote: I've played around with JUMP previously, and I just downloaded and made OpenJUMP work on my Mac, running OS X 10.4.6. Initially, I ran into some problems, but it seems they were mainly due to Carriage Return/Line Feed problems with the shell script.

That's why Karel posted: Usual suspect is carriage return, and an easy way to fix it is:

  • a) join all lines of script into one line,
  • b) split into lines again and save script.

Further Nic wrote: After I got it running from the shell script, I wanted to tackle making it run from the old application package from JUMP 1.1.2 (or whatever).

Here are the steps I took to make it run.

  1. View contents of the JUMP application by right clicking the application icon and choosing Show Package Contents
  2. Navigate to Contents/Resources/JUMP/lib and copy all the contents of the OpenJUMP lib directory, including the sub-folders
  3. Navigate back to Contents/Resources and edit the script file with your favorite text editor
  4. Search for the following line: LIB=$JUMPHOME/lib

and add the following two lines after it:

  1. Search for the following line:

for jarfile in $LIB/.jar $JUMP_PLUGIN_DIR/.jar and append it to match: for jarfile in $LIB/.jar $JUMP_PLUGIN_DIR/.jar $BATIK_DIR/*jar $LOOKS_DIR

  1. Save the file
  2. Double-click the JUMP app and watch it start!

hope this is helpful to someone!

cheers, -n

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