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This page will offer information and tips on internationalization to developers working on OpenJUMP or other projects at the JPP. Internationalization is an important part of OpenJUMP which is used around the world in many different languages.

For information on how to translate OpenJUMP go to How to translate OpenJUMP into another language.

Language 2 Developer Registry This is a simple registry that shows which developers are working on OpenJUMP or other JPP projects in specific language groups. This will help developers find developers that are working in a language they understand, and will identify those that can assist in language specific translation and internationlization issues. You can contact most of these developers on the JPP Development Mailing List : .

  • English - The Sunburned Surveyor
  • Spanish - Nacho Uve, Steve Tanner, Fco Lavin, Giuseppe Aruta
  • French - Michael Michaud, Steve Tanner, Erwan Bocher
  • German - Stefan Steiniger, Johannes Metzler, Florian Rengers
  • Brazilian Portugese - Cristiano Almeida
  • Finnish - Jukka Rahkonen
  • Italian - Giuseppe Aruta
  • Japanese - Hisaji Ono
  • Hungarian - Istvan Stefan and Zoltan Siki
  • Czech - N.N.
  • Malayalam - Mohammed Rashad

Lists of GIS-Term difficult to translate