Loading raster with no georeferencing information

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Some image formats, such as GeoTIFF, and grids, store the georeferencing information in the header of the image file. Several other image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIF) store this information in a separate text ASCII file, which has the same name as the image, with the letter w appended.

Sextante Raster Images

Loading in OpenJUMP image file with no georeferencing information opens a wizard dialog that allows to create a world file and to load the image into the view. The default option allows to load the image into the current view, saving the original file image width/height ratio. The coordinates can be changed by the user - in this case width/height image ratio can be modified
Sextante NoWorldFile 01.png
Sextante NoWorldFile 02.png

Enabling the option Warp image to fit current view will deform the image to fit the current view
Sextante NoWorldFile 03.png
Sextante NoWorldFile 04.png

In both case a new world file will be created for the loaded image. To reset the transformation delete the world file and reload the image

Images loaded via Open File wizard

The image will be automatically loaded into the view, proportionally to its height/width proportions. The upper left corner of the image will be anchored to coordinates (0,0)

Last modification: 2016_6_28