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the OpenJUMP wiki is from users for users and needs updates and improvements. Help for adding information but also to accomplish other things from documentation to programming is welcome (see Contact us).

OpenJUMP GIS - The free, cross-platform and open source GIS for the World

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ToDo's: (o) cleanup, (+) write new/improve pages


  • [27th January 2017] - New OpenJUMP 1.10 is released (download)
  • [13th March 2016] - New OpenJUMP 1.9.1 is released (download)
  • [18th Jan 2016] - New OpenJUMP 1.9.0 is released (download)
  • [1st Dec 2014] - New OpenJUMP 1.8.0 is released (download)
  • [29th May 2014] - New OpenJUMP 1.7.1 is available (download)
  • [11th May 2014] - New OpenJUMP 1.7.0 is available (download)
  • [8th Nov 2013] - Two new plugins for linear referencing
  • [7th Nov 2013] - New version of the csv-driver (0.8) : please update
  • [4th Nov 2013] - The new default-plugins.xml makes it possible to customize the whole menu without coding
  • [3rd Aug 2013] - New driver to load OpenStreetMap *.osm files (download) (part of OpenJUMP PLUS from version 1.6.4 on) => see also Working with OpenStreetMap data
  • [29th May 2013] - New release 1.6.3 is available (download)
  • [23 April 2013] - New release 1.6.2 is available (download)
  • [12 April 2013] - New bugfix release 1.6.1 fixing a startup issue on Mac and Linux is available (download)
  • [11 April 2013] - New release 1.6.0 is available (download)
  • [13 mar 2013] - Development snapshots now contain general shortcut support, shortcut overview is available under Help/Shortcuts
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Editing this Wiki

  • you can edit this wiki: simply use jumpin as ojuser
  • you can also create a new account - and then write an email to Stefan sstein[=at=] so that he can assign you editing rights
  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. See also Configuration settings list
  • here is a list of recent changes.