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Always Interesting

  • we discovered the project Jump4Schools - unfortunately the webpage is in german, but the person may also speak English if you have questions. ...and of course; we wish good luck with the project!


  • [14 oct 2012] - New Beanshell Attribute Calculator (See a screencast)
  • [18 Jun 2012] - New Concave Hull extension (more details)
  • [18 May 2012] - New Release 1.5.2 is available (download)
  • [16 Apr 2012] - Release of a new CSV driver (0.6) which replaces the txt driver currently included in PLUS edition
  • [02 Feb 2012] - New Release 1.5.1 is available (download)


  • [27 Nov 2011] - We are trying to get a Doc_Sprint organized for the first part of 2012.
  • [26 Nov 2011] - New version of DB Query plugin 0.8 (more details)
  • [11 Sep 2011] - New Release 1.4.2 is available (download)!



  • [2. Nov. 2009] - Dante Fuster shipped a new DXF driver plugin and a plugin that reads Excel files, see our Plugins for OpenJUMP section
  • [16. Nov. 2009] - We moved the wiki content - jippy! (hopefully almost completely
  • [17. Sept. 2009] - we started moving the old wiki to this new one
  • [11th July 2009] OGRS 2009 held in Nantes on 8, 9 and 10th of july. It was a great moment to learn and share experiences about OSSGeo. About 20 people participated in the OpenJUMP lab. You can find all the tutorials at this address. There are also more adresses at the bottom of the page.
  • [24th May 2009] There is a good paper and a video showing how to use OpenJUMP with PotgreSQL/PostGIS on PGCon 2009 site. Thanks to PostGIS gurus to have made it available.
  • [4th May 2009] Ravi submitted another English for pseudo-exercise OpenJUMP 1.3 on mineral targeting. It introduces into OpenJUMP editing, query and analyis function as well as into working with PostGIS.


  • [5th November 2008] Ravi contributed a pseudo-exercise with the topic: Where to locate a nuclear power plant? taken from his _Demistify GIS_ lecture
  • [20th October 2008] Victor Olaya has published the first version of Sextante for OpenJUMP. Sextante is a free set of tools for spatial analysis developed by the Junta de Extremadura (ES).