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This small tutorial explains how to create a portable Openjump which can be stored on a USB device and used in different computers. You need these two steps:

  • 1 - copy OpenJUMP and JRE into an external device,
  • 2 - modify startup script in Microsoft Windows or in Linux to launch Openjump from the external device.

Copy the Software and the Java machine on your portable device

  • Copy your preferable JAVA jre machine on a portable device by coping/moving all JRE directory from your computer to the portable device. Openjump is optimized JRE 1.5 but can work also with any JRE 1.6. in Microsoft Windows JRE is usually located in C:/Program files/Java folder. It is more difficult to locate the JRE machine in Linux, see the notes at the end of this page.
  • Copy the Openjump directory to the portable device at the same directory level. For instance, if D is the root for the device:

-- JRE
-- Openjump

This structure is useful if you want to add other portable software which require JAVA to your pen drive and use only one JAVA machine for all of them (eg. gvSIG, Kosmo, ImageJ and OpenOffice). In this way you can have a real portable GIS station.

For instance:
-- JRE
-- OpenJUMP
-- OpenOffice
-- gvSIG
-- Kosmo
-- etc

Modify startup script - Microsoft Windows

  • Open Openjump.bat with a text editor
  • go to the end of the document to the line:
start javaw -cp "%CLASSPATH%" %JAVA_OPTS%
  • Modify the line in:
start ..\jre\bin\javaw -cp "%CLASSPATH%" %JAVA_OPTS%
  • Save the file as Openjump.bat
  • Launch Openjump using Openjump.bat or OJ.exe

Modify startup script - Linux

  • Open Openjump.sh with a text editor
  • go to the end of the document to the line:
  • Modify the line into:
 .. /.. /jre/bin/java -cp $CLASSPATH:$JUMP_HOME/bin $JAVA_OPTS $MAIN $JUMP_OPTS $
  • Save the file
  • Make sure that the file Openjump.sh in D:/OPENJUMP/BIN is executable
  • Make sure that the file java (LSB executable) in the JRE/BIN folder is executable
  • Launch Openjump using Openjump.sh

Note that some Debian based distros, like Xandros, don't allow to launch programs from an external device.

How to build a GIS portable workstation using Java GIS software

This small note will ecìxplain how to buid a GIS portable workstation with Openjump, Kosmo and Gv SIG which use the same JRA machine. Following the good tutorial about Portable gvSIG, from 3rd gvSIG Conference, Valencia, 14th - 16th November 2007, this workstation is optimized to work either with Microsoft Windows or with Linux Operation Systems. This work has been done only writing new startup script for the softwares. No modification have been done to the software, in this way we avoid violation of copyright. You need two computers with installed Microsoft Windows and a Linux distribution. Of course it will work even if you have this two OS installed into different disks of a sinle computer.

1) Create into your portable device a forder structure like this one:

- Portable
-- JRE_WIN (folder where to put JRE machine for windows)
-- JRE_LINUX (folder where to put the JRE machine for linux)
-- Kosmo
-- Openjump
-- GvSIG

2) OpenJUMP. Download Openjump Nightly snapshot and unzip the files into the folder Portable>Openjump

3) Kosmo. Download Kosmo 1.2.1 for Linux here, this version includes JRE 1.6 and JAI 1.1.3 embedded. Install Kosmo into your Linux computer and copy all the files from the user/Kosmo folder to your portable>Kosmo folder. Delete all the files into the Portable>Kosmo>bin>JRE folder

4) GvSIG 1. Download Portable gvSIG, from 3rd gvSIG Conference, Valencia, 14th - 16th November 2007, this version is optimized to work with Microsoft Windows, with MacOSX and with Linux Operation Systems. The software is available as a single, USB_DRIVE_1.

5) GvSIG 2.: Unzip the file USB_DRIVE_1.zip. Copy all the files from USB_DRIVE_1>gvSIG_1.1final folder to your Portable>GvSIG one

6) Portable JRE Machine. Copy all the files from USB_DRIVE_1>jre1.5.0_12_LIN to your Portable>JRE_LINUX folder. Copy all the files from USB_DRIVE_1>jre1.5.0_12_WIN to your Portable>JRE_WIN folder.

Now the portable GIS workstation is finished. We need only the modified script files to launch the softwares (basically .BAT for Windows and .SH for LINUX). I prepared the script files to launch the programs. You can download here. The files have to be unzipped into t5he conresponding Software/bin folder.