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OpenJUMP has a huge family. Somehow a lovely bunch, but people wondered how the family evolved. :)

  • JUMP made by VividSolutions - is the parent of all JUMPs. OpenJUMP should contain all the functionality from JUMP (apart from the new raster experiments) and should extend this functionality. Since JUMP is only sporadically further developed the OpenJUMP project did evolve. (We thank VividSolutions and their Developers Martin Davis, Jon Aquino and David Zwiers for helping to realize this) VividSolutions, JUMP project
  • OpenJUMP Viatoris and OpenJUMP the Merge (presented at *FOSS4G 2006*) from Projet SIGLE - are the little brothers of OpenJUMP. They enhance OpenJUMP functionalities by plugins developed by the SIGLE project. The editions are thought especially for windows users. Some of the plugins are only in french. The project is now closed. Most functions have been included into OpenJUMP.
  • deeJUMP made by Lat/Lon based on JUMP/OpenJUMP - is a brother of nearly same age as OpenJUMP. Thus, it has some functions of OpenJUMP and has some further functionalities with respect to web standards. Since autumn of 2007 DeeJUMP is based on OpenJUMP and deeJUMP functionality is added via plugins. Lat/Lon. Lat-lon seems to have stopped DeeJUMP development to focus on web technologies. It is now a member of OsGeo.
  • SkyJUMP by Larry Becker based on JUMP - is a sister a bit older than OpenJUMP. It has some special editing capabilties intended for the company purposes, whereby most of them are released in the Jump ISA plugin released. We try here as well to get the most useful functions from SkyJUMP into OpenJUMP. We thank Larry and ISA in supporting our project in helping answering user questions and delivering the nice functionality! (hope thats right?). SkyJUMP. SkyJUMP project is still available on Sourceforge but hasn't been updated since 2013.
  • PirolJUMP made by German PIROL Project based on OpenJUMP - is the little sister of OpenJUMP. It enhances OpenJUMP functionalities by plugins developed by the Pirol project for purposes of *precision farming* (the project goal) and raster analysis. PirolJUMP is available for Windows users. Once more :) we try to get the functions, useful for all GIS users, from Pirol into OpenJUMP. PirolJUMP
  • KOSMO, developed by SAIG company and funded by a lot of long term GIS technician (the main part of Agiles group people is at SAIG). It is a very ambitious private initiative to create the first Corporate Free GIS Platform (desktop, server, web clients, PDA clients,...), all based in JUMP and other works. The main objective is create a very stable, very useful GIS to build competitive corporate systems (Actually developing a lot of such systems: full water network management, environment information spreading, web spreading/edition, interoperable web systems, cartographic edition and quality control, etc.). here it is possible to download Kosmo software, documetations or the source code.
  • Bizz JUMP - developed by The Sunburned Survayor from Redefined Horizon This is a BETA test version of OpenJUMP which integrates a docking window framework plus other plugins.
  • Adb Toolbox - from the Ministero dell'Ambiente (Ministry of Environment) of Italy, with new tools for topographic and hydrologic analysis. The software can be downkloaded here. It requires a free registration to receive a password which can be used to launch the software. The pages and the software are all in Italian.