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Professional support and development of customized Jump and OpenJUMP tools is available by the following companies:

  • Lat/Lon (GER): developed WMS & WFS Plugin
  • Intevation (GER): developed PrintLayout Plugin
  • (GER): developed Archikart Communication Plugin
  • Stefan Steiniger (CA, GER, CL): developer of several plugins (MapGeneralization Toolbox, HoRAE - Home Range Analysis) and core functions
  • Refractions Research (CA): developed OpenJUMP together with VividSolutions
  • VividSolutions (CA): developed the basis platform of OpenJUMP
  • Larry Becker, from SkyJUMP team (US): developed ArcSDE plugin, a couple of Drawing Tools, Jython plugin, added a number of smaller improvements
  • CadPlan (AU), developed Printing Plugin and Styling Plugin
  • Revolution Systems Inc. (CA) : contributed GUI and data-loading improvements to OpenJUMP
  • Redefined Horizons (US) from The Sunburned Surveyor (
  • Instituto Ecos (BRA)
  • NeoGeo (FRA)
  • CampToCamp (CH and FRA)
  • aBf idee (IT) : implementation of an emergency evacuation planning plugin

Note: OSGeo's webpage may contain further companies that offer support for OpenJUMP.