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  • Shortcut Keys - User can view a useful list of keyboard shortcut for zooming and editing
This is the list of shortcuts available in OpenJUMP:
Zoom in Alt + Left Click
Zoom out Alt + Right Click
Pan Shift + Alt + Drag
Select feature Ctrl + Left Click
Select feature from sel.layers only Ctrl + Left Click (when Select tool is active)
Add to selection / Deselect Shift+ Ctrl+Left Click (also Shift + Left Click when Select tool is active)
Delete selected features Del
Feature Info Ctrl + Alt + Left Click
Add vertex (in add, delete or move vertex mode) A + Left Click
Delete vertex (in add, delete or move vertex mode) X + Left Click
Move vertex (in add, delete or move vertex mode) M + Left Click
Remove last vertex added Backspace

  • About... - Info window of OpenJUMP.
    • About - shows the startup screen and the version of OpenJUMP
    • Info - shows the software information.
    Garbage Collector button allows to reduce the committed memory of an OpenJUMP project. When you open large datasets it is useful to click on Garbage Collector button every now and then
    • Extensions shows the list of all installed external plugins (i.e. Plugin Packages)

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