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This document is complete list of the functions and tools available in OpenJUMP Nightly Build (ver. 1.2F) top-level and context/pop-up menus. OpenJUMPs Nightly Build provides new functionalities and corrects bugs related to OpenJUMP Stable Version (list of changes). Users are also invited to read the Jump User's Guide by Vivid Solutions, OpenJUMP 1.0.1 Basics Tutorial and the New User Guide Index page for additional information about using OpenJUMP. Documentation page provides also tutorials in other languages.

Giuseppe Aruta

The tools and functions in OpenJUMP are available in the following components of the workbench:




Gui listoffunctions.jpg

1 - Menu bar

2 - Toolbar

3 - Layer List

4 - Layer View

5 - Info Bar / Status Bar

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