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The OpenJUMP Toolbar gives a fast access to editing, drawing and viewing functions in OpenJUMP. Some of those functions are also available in the Menu bar. External plugins can add other icons on the left side of the Toolbar.


from left side to the right users can find the following tools:

  • New Project Open.jpg - This function create a new project on OpenJUMP Workbench. When created, new projects usually take a progressive name (Project 1, Project 2...) until they are saved with a new name (Menu bar>File>Save Project or Save Project As...)
  • Open... New project.jpg - The Load Dataset(s) window allows to create layers from data files. Users can choose the types of files on the box on the top left side of window . It is also possible to open zipped and gzipped files directly. For other informations about types of file see Menu bar>File>Load Datase(s).
  • Zoom In/Out Zoom in-out.jpg - This function allows to zoom in and to zoom out.
    • To zoom in to a specific point, check the Zoom In/Out icon and left-click with the mouse to the point, to zoom in to a specific area, check the Zoom In/Out icon and draw a rectangle on the area.
    • To zoom out from a specific point, check the Zoom In/Out icon and right-click with the mouse on the point.
      TIP: When Users works with editing/drawing tools they can Zoom in and Zoom out from a specific point using Shortcut Keys:
      • ALT+LEFT CLICK = Zoom in
      • ALT+RIGHT CLICK = Zoom out
      See also Shortcut Keys
  • Pan Tool Pan.jpg - This function allows Users to pan throught the Layer View. After selected the Pan Tool function, move the mouse to the pan direction,holding down the left button.
TIP: Also the Pan tool has a shortcut key: SHIFT+ALT+Drag with LEFT CLICK
  • Zoom to full extent Zoom to full.jpg - This function zooms to the full extent of a project in the Layer View
  • Zoom to select items Zoom to selected.jpg - This function allows Users to zoom to select features (see Toolbar>Select for selecting items).
  • Zoom Real Time Zoomrealtime.jpg - the tool uses the zoom wheel to zoom in/out. Clicking on the screen it is possible to set the zoom centre.
  • Zoom to fence Zoom to fence.jpg - This function allows Users to zoom to fence (see also Toolbar>fence).
  • Zoom to previous Zoom to previous.jpg - Zoom to previous view.
  • Zoom to next Zoom to next.jpg - Zoom to next View
  • Change style Change style.jpg - This function allows Users to modify the displayed style of a layer. See Change Style wiki page and Uwe Dalluege's OpenJUMP Tutorial (basics), page 20 to 24 how to use Change Style tool.
  • View/Edit Attributes View-edit attributes.jpg - View/Edit attributes tools allows to access to attribute window of a layer: See Uwe Dalluege's, OpenJUMP Tutorial (basics), page 19 Editing Attributes
  • Select feature tool Select.jpg - Select feature tool allows to select items on the Layer View.
    • To select one item sipmly left-click on it.
    • To select more items in an area, hold down left-click and draw a rectangle on the area
    • To select differet items in different area, press CTRL key and click on the items.
    See also Selecting Features wiki page
  • Clear selection Clear selection.jpg - Clear selection in the Layer View
  • Fence Fence.jpg - Fence toll allows to draw a fence, a temporary box on the Layer View. See also Toolbar>Zoom to fence and List View>Select features in Fence.
  • Feature Info Tool Feature info tool.jpg - This tool shows feature information. Clicking on one or more features opens the Feature information window where Users can choose between the Table View and the HTML View.
  • Editing Toolbox Editing toolbox.jpg - The Editing Toolbox is a collection of tools for generating and modifying geometries. Users can also access to OpenJUMP drawing and snapping options (see also Menu bar>Customize>Options...). See Editing Toolbox wiki page and Uwe Dallueges OpenJUMP Tutorial (basics), page 8 to 12 Editing Toolbox
  • Measure tool Measure tool.jpg - This function allows to measure the distance, line angle and area on the Layer View. Measures are displayed on the bottom left size of OpenJUMP Workbench. To stop measure, click again on the Measure tool button.
  • Undo Undo.jpg - undos any previous action on the Layer View.
  • Redo Redo.jpg - Redo the last action in the Layer View.
  • Output Window Output window.jpg - This is an external window which display informations on some OpenJUMP processes. If OpenJUMP encounters an error on processes the Output Window flashes yellow and displays an error message
  • Zoom bar Zoom bar.jpg - This function allows to zoom in or zoom out moving the cursor to right to left. A tooltip shows the zoom level when the mouse moves on the top.

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