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Actually OpenJUMP does not georeference raster files. There are several external tools that you cne use to georeference your files. This is a list of software:


  • gvSIG is a tool for managing geographic information, developed by the Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte (Valencia).


  • QGIS for Linux has tools to georeference raster.


  • QGIS for MacOSX has tools to georeference raster.
  • Hypercube for MacOSX. Hypercube is a sophisticated software specifically directed to the analysis and display of multi and hyperspectral imagery. It has a good capability to rectify and georeference JPG and TIFF.


  • Hypercube for Windows (here you can find how to georeference raster using Hypercube (from Brian Brown).
  • Mapmaker Gratis is a light mapping software with many useful tools. There is also a possiblity to georeference rasters using the coordinates of 2 points or one point and a scale/distance.
  • OCAD 8 a drawing program for cartographers/orientiering which include an Adjust raster file tool (see Ocad menu help>Menu.. and choose Template menu>adjust for better details, this is not a georeference tool but it is quite simple to use for affine transformations.
  • QGIS for Windows has tools to georeference raster.


  • Metacarta Labs Map Rectifier lets you georeference/register an uploaded image file to geographic coordinates/WGS84 using data from a variety of sources. See also this tutorial from Free Geography Tools web site


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