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Download OpenJUMP facts sheet

"JUMP is a computer program that uses a unified mapping platform as a visualisation framework..." (changed ESRI keynote on What is GIS? by M. Bobzien)

But to be a bit more serious - OpenJUMP is an open source GIS software written in Java and it is based on JUMP GIS by Vivid Solutions. Furthermore...

  • It is a Vector GIS that can read rasters as well
  • OpenJUMP is known to work on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, but should work on any operating system that runs Java 1.7 or later.
  • It is not just another free demo viewer, but you can edit, save, analyze etc. with JUMP / OpenJUMP
  • It works, even with medium size datasets, and with professional touch
  • It provides a GIS API with a flexible plugin structure, so that new features are relatively easy to develope around the sound mapping platform.
  • It utilizes OGC standards like SFS, GML, WMS and WFS
  • It is already translated in English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portugese and Spanish. The translation in other languages is in progress.
  • ..and it is free (under the GPL license).

OpenJUMP finally adds some key enhancements to the original JUMP software, including:

  • I18N (internationalization),
  • more drawing and geometry editing tools,
  • advanced attribute query,
  • enhanced set of selection tools,
  • image export in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format,
  • function to copy objects including attributes,
  • it can show layers dependent on the current map scale,
  • more classification methods for thematic coloring
  • ...

OpenJUMP is the result of a larger umbrella project called the JUMP Pilot Project (JPP). The OpenJUMP network consists of english speaking Jump-Pilot Project, the french Projet SIGLE, the german University of Osnabrück project Pirol, the companies Lat/Lon GmbH (producers of the deegree web map server) and Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. ; and a number of others, such as freelancers, people from municipalities, reserach institutes and universities (University of Zurich, EPFL, Ostrava University, Hafen-City University Hamburg,... ). A list of contributors can be found here

 We like to thank VividSolutions Inc. (CA), especially Martin Davis and Jon Aquino for giving 
 us a free and opensource GIS and for their constant support in the further OpenJUMP development.

more detailed info: