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After Launched, OpenJUMP opens a new window, called Project Window or Task Window.

File:Project window.jpg (make new fig)

This window is used to manage ad display a Project or Task. According to Vivid Solution definition a Task is a collection of layers which are used together in a conflaction process. Project (or Task) is basically a group of layers that can be displayed together. Users can modify these layers, adding features and operate querries or other analysis operations. When started, OpenJUMP opens a new, empty, Project Window, layers can be added using the tool Open Files or Open... available either in the Menubar>File menu or in the Toolbar.

The Project Window is devided in two sides:

  • The left side display the list of the layers. User can change the displayed names or hide/unhide them. This side is called Layer List and it is possible to activate a menu by left-click mouse (Layer Menu)
  • The right side is the graphical display of the layers. Choosing the style:Change Style users can display the features of the layers with different colours, hatches, fill and simbology (Change Style). This side is called Layer View and it is possible to actibvate a menu using the left-click mouse (Layer View menu)
  • Open New Project
    Use Menubar>File>New Project to open a new empty project. The new project will take a progressive name (Project 1, Project 2,...). After opened a new project has to be saved.
  • Save a Project
    Use Menubar>File>Save Project or Save Project as... to save the project. Users have the option to save their project both in JMP and JCS JUMP format files.
    NOTE: if you did modifications on the layers, always remember to save the layers before saving the project, to avoid loosing the modifications.
  • Open a Project
    To open a project click on Menubar>File>Open Project. The menu Open Recent Project can display a list of projects already opened
  • Duplicate a Project
    If you want to duplicate a displayed project, click on Menubar>Window>Clone Window, this function will duplicate the project and have the name Project name (View 2).